Since the UK Government’s decision to close schools, Fyling Hall School will continue to offer a high-quality education for your child through virtual learning.  Having listened to your feedback from our first week of virtual learning, the following booklet summarises the key developments of our offering, and will help you navigate through what is a new experience for us all. Our core aim is to remove the feeling of isolation pupils may be having, by making them feel supported, in as interactive an environment as possible.

Download our Guide to Virtual Learning

Outline of Virtual Learning Content

Throughout 2020’s Summer Term we publish a weekly update including a brief outline of the content your child will be undertaking within each subject area.  You can find these below, and they were updated weekly.  Please note that specific instructions were given within each of your child’s Team Subject Area. 

Summer Programme w/c 29th June w/c 22nd June w/c 15th June w/c 8th June w/c 1st June w/c 18th May w/c 11th May w/c 4th May w/c 27th April w/c 20th April w/c 13th April

What if my child is having difficulty using Teams?

Should your child encounter any problems using “Teams” or have any questions, they should send a message through the Tutor Group Team “Help” channel. If for any reason they are unable to do this, then they can email their Tutor through the Outlook app.

Log in details

By now your child has certainly logged into the system. The system is accessed via Office. To log in they will require:

  • Email:
  • Password: (If your pupil has forgotten their password, Ms Banks can reset it and should be contacted on

To communicate with pupils, staff will be using Microsoft Teams and whilst still on site, pupils were shown how to access this. Please click on the links below for further detail on how Microsoft Teams and Office 365 is being used.

Office 365 Guidance for parents and guardians Pupil Support pages

We will support pupils through virtual learning for as long as the school must remain closed. In the meantime, every effort has been made to limit the impact that schools’ closures will have on your child’s education, and your continued support and feedback is welcome.

start of spring - daffodils

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Please visit our dedicated Mental Health and Wellbeing page for further details on our dedicated support to you. Rest assured, Fyling Hall is here to support you and our students as much as possible during this difficult time.

Internet Safety

Increased time on the internet is something we all need to be aware of. Click below to visit our Parents’ Guide to E-Safety (also be found in the policies and downloads section), to support you in making sure your child is as safe as possible online.

Parents’ Guide to E-Safety

and don’t forget to Keep Active, Safe and in Touch!