w/c 27th April

Below please find your child(ren)’s weekly update for their virtual learning w/c 27th April. Your update includes a brief Outline of Virtual Learning Content your child will be undertaking and Twilight Sessions information. We also include this week’s Virtual Assembly, After School Clubs & Competitions plus Mental Health & Wellbeing and a Keeping Active challenge. Should you have any queries concerning our virtual learning w/c 27th April, please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance.

Outline of Virtual Learning Content

Please click on the appropriate year group below for a brief outline of the virtual learning content your child will undertake this week. Specific instructions are given within each of your child’s Team Subject Area

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12

Twilight Sessions

To keep our programme flexible, each member of staff remains available to pupils for one twilight session per week. Twilight Sessions are designed to offer flexibility to accommodate the demands of home life, parents’ work and exercise. They are open to all year groups to contact the teacher via the messenger facility within Teams, if they require support or assistance.

Please find the following schedule:

Mr AllenMs HornungMrs HarringtonMr Barrett
Mr CoatesMr InstoneMiss JohnsonMiss Gilmour
Mrs JeevesMs MansfieldMs MitchellMrs Milner
Mr RichardsonMr ParkerMr ThomasMr Walsh
Frau Trotter
Twilight Sessions run Monday-Thursday, 16:00-18:00.

Virtual Assembly

Designed to replicate what we do at the start of every week in school, our virtual assembly features a special guest interview every week with a key message for our students, staff and parents.

Watch this week’s special guest stars,
‘massive action’ David Hyner, and Fyling Hall’s Deputy Head (Academic), Dr Richardson

After School Clubs & Competitions

To bring a distraction to the pupils’ week we run a selection of after school activities and competitions. These provide a different focus and experience whilst at home, as well as some fun.

This week we continue with our Art Studio‘s Art Leaders’ Lockdown Club Creative, Mr Thomas’ Latin Club and Frau Trotter’s Duolingo German Competition and also add Ms Mitchell’s Open the Lock Puzzle.

Open the Lock Puzzle

A chocolatey prize
to the first student from each year!

You’ve no doubt seen this on social media, but have you opened the lock? Ms Mitchell is offering a chocolatey prize to the first student from each year! Email or message Ms Mitchell in Teams with the correct answer. Staff are also welcome to have a go! Prizes to be collected upon our return to school.

Lockdown Club Creative

It’s not too late to join Fyling Hall’s Art Leaders’ Lockdown Club Creative. With new challenges released next week, take a look and try one of their current challenges. 

Latin Club

When will Latin Club begin again?

Fyling Hall Latin Club has reconvened during Tuesday’s Twilight Session. So whether an old Fyling Hall Latin scholar or someone completely new to the whole thing, it’s not too late to email Mr Thomas at c.thomas@fylinghall.org to join.

“From zero German” & Duolingo Competition

Have you yet joined Frau Trotter’s Duolingo German Competition . . . anyone can take part! Current German students, non German-studying pupils and staff as well.  Each week something is added to this box of wonders . . . awarded to the overall winner!

She has also started a “from zero German” course. Please contact Frau Trotter on r.trotter@fylinghall.org to enroll.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

w/c 27th April

Rest assured, Fyling Hall is here to support you and our students as much as possible during this difficult time. Your mental health and wellbeing are our priority.

Have you thought of making a time capsule? As we are living through a moment in history, this free resource encourages people to reflect on the situation and jot down thoughts to look back on in a few years’ time.

Keeping Active

Take a look at these activities to keep you active w/c 27th April. There’s an activity for each day as well as advice on how to warm up and cool down properly. Why not try these activities with your parents?

You can also try the alternate wall toss test.  Mr Coates’ latest #PEwithaDifference challenge only takes 30 seconds!  Be sure to post your attempt in the FHS Games Team.

Rating Score (in 30 seconds):

  • Excellent = > 35
  • Good = 30 – 35
  • Average = 20- 29
  • Fair = 15 – 19