This week’s fixtures report

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This week’s fixtures saw Fyling Hall’s First XV in rugby and hockey face Scarborough College.

The rubgy was a tight affair with monumental swings both ways throughout the duration of the match, finishing 22-15 in the favour of Scarborough College.

In hockey Fyling Hall was dominant from the start, keeping the ball in the opposition’s half for the majority of the match. The offence created plenty of opportunities with the defence picking up any loose passes. A well deserved 6-0 win to Fyling Hall!

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  1. Bill Rothwell says:

    Sad to see that the 1st 15 lost to Scarborough.
    Please pass to the coach, I don’t like to see players with their socks down. It looks sloppy and looking sloppy can cause poor play.
    Additionally there is a slight protection from boot studs. If the players think it makes them look cool! It doesn’t.
    Look at the premier teams.

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