Each pupil is assigned a form tutor. This tutor takes responsibility for the academic progress of the pupils in their care. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s tutor if they feel there are issues which need to be addressed.

But the tutor is more than just an academic friend. They see the pupil each morning and during the tutor period and they take a great interest in each tutee beyond the classroom.

The provisional tutor groups for 2014-15 are:

Form 1 (R + Y1 – 2) – Mrs Amanda Freer

Form 2 (Y3 – 4) – Mrs Gillian Edwards

Form 3 (Y5 – 6) – Mrs Karen Richardson

7Wa – Miss Jenny Walker

8D – Mr Nicholas Dey

9Co – Mr Marcus Coates

9Ro – Miss Elizabeth Rowland

10Ha – Mrs Victoria Harrington

10Ba – Mr Adrian Batchelor

11Hu – Mr Steven Husband

11E – Mr Alistair Edge

12Bn – Mrs Wendy Banks

12Wo – Mrs Samantha Wormald

13Ri – Dr Ian Richardson

13Mi – Mrs Jane Mitchell