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Year 7 Transition Afternoon

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Invitations to Fyling Hall’s Year 7 Transition Afternoon are out. Arranged by our Year 7 Tutor, Mrs Jeeves, the afternoon will take place on Friday, 4th September. Read more about Mrs Jeeves’ plan . . . I am thrilled to be able to invite you to a Year 7 Transition Afternoon on 4th September. This will be an opportunity for pupils to meet their new class mates, to explore the school grounds and to ask […]

Investigating Lead Glass

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Fyling Hall’s Year 9s have been investigating lead glass, sometimes called lead crystal. But please, refrain from calling it “crystal.” Technically, we should not be using the term ‘crystal’ as glass has an amorphous structure rather than a crystalline one The production of lead glass was introduced by George Ravenscroft in 1627 and its ‘brilliant’ lustre soon made it popular for drinking glasses. A method since discontinued due to the toxic nature of lead! Year […]

learning all things food related in German lessons

Everything food-related

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These past weeks, year 8 have been working on everything food-related in their German lessons. They have learnt words for different food and meals, how to say what they don’t eat and why (“Ich esse keine Nudeln, denn ich bin glutenintolerant.”) for places to eat. They have also practiced some dialogues ordering food at the bakery or the takeaway, of course including “Danke”, “Bitte” and “Entschuldigung”. Their last activity so far has been a budgeting […]