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‘I see Queen Mab hath been with you!’ Romeo’s friend, Mercutio, thinks the queen of the fairies, the great dream weaver, is behind all of those infatuations at first sight. Fyling Hall, would you believe, has its very own Queen Mab, the great soul who made the dream possible.  More often than not a private school’s history goes way back into the mists of time but this educational establishment is still well shy of its […]

A Day in the Life of . . . . a French speaking rugby player?

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When I walked down the drive to school in September 1987, I could never have imagined I would still be teaching here some 30 years later. I arrived fresh from a post graduate year in Hull and had never had any interest in teaching in the private sector. I had gone through the comprehensive system in Leeds in a school with 1,500 pupils, and boarding school life was completely alien to me. I arrived in […]

A Day in the Life of a . . . Head Boy and Head Girl

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The role of both Head Boy and Girl is the highest reward that can be given to a pupil and plays a pivotal role in not only in the Sixth Form, but all of school life. Since Fyling Hall was established in 1923 the Head pupils have been appointed each year at the end of year Prize giving. The selection is always difficult and the views of both pupils and staff are sought before a decision is […]