Our latest Forest School Challenge

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The challenge for our Junior School pupils in last week’s forest school was to move a heavy box from one spot to another. The catch- they were only allowed to use two ropes and the things they could find in the woods! The children had to race to see who could move the box out of the fire pit the fastest. We believe that not all classrooms have four walls. We are lucky to have […]

If you go into the woods today . . . .

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Each week the whole of the Junior School adventure into our woods and surrounding countryside in order to take their learning to the Forest School.  But what is Forest School?  And why do we make time for it in our busy curriculum? According to Jane Worroll, Forest School is essentially outdoor, nature-based learning that focuses on the holistic development of the child.’   Jane is an ex-countryside ranger and co-author of Play the Forest School Way.  Another […]