Film Club's latest review

Film Club’s latest review

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Fyling Hall’s Film Club’s latest review is in. Our Senior Club members include Joe, Arthur, Josh and Miss M. Their film? Lost Boys, 1989. Here’s what they thought . . . Teen flick, light hearted vampire story from and seaside town. We follow the younger brother of a vampire on his quest to sleigh the vampire. He’s accompanied by the comedy duo the Frog brothers. Vampire sleighers, the Frog brothers create comic relief from the […]

Orchestra Club is fun

Orchestra club continues

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I am so pleased to say that Fyling Hall’s orchestra club continues this term. Expertly led by local conductor, Bob Butterfield. Mr Butterfield is a fantastic woodwind player and teacher who runs Whitby’s Saturday band on a weekend. We are excited to have a few new members joining us, including another Euphonium player and a Bassoon player. In no particular order, our orchestra this half term consists of the following instruments: ViolinOboeFluteTrumpetCornetFrench hornSaxophonePianoEuphonium – two players, no less!BassoonCello It is […]

Olivia and Mabel are just two of Fyling Hall's students taking part in the BBC Radio 2's 500 Words competition

500 Words

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Have you heard of the BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words competition? It is “the UK’s largest story writing competition for kids (and) is back for its tenth year.” In the words of one of our students, read how Fyling Hall is getting involved . . . At the moment, Mrs Milner is running a 500 word story club every Tuesday night where she is helping students aged 13 and under to write a story for […]

FHS' Book Club's latest reads

FHS Book Club’s latest reads

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Last week our Fyling Hall Book Club met in Mrs Milner’s room to discuss their latest reads. Participants read ‘Skellig’ by David Almond, and “The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket” by John Boyne. They discussed the book whilst eating cookies made by Olivia Grace Hall. Here are some of the things they said: “Skellig” I liked the way it was set out. The plot was easy to follow and the chapters were short. […]

Microcomputer Club goes Back to the Future

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You might ask, if computer programming is so important, shouldn’t a modern school equip its students to succeed in the modern world? So why have I kitted out my microcomputer club in the Physics lab with computers that were first released in 1980 and discontinued in 1984?  There is of course an assumption with technology that the very latest thing is the best and the thing from last week is out of date and useless. […]

Book Club discusses Good Omens

Good Omens

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In early December Fyling Hall’s Book Club met in Miss Milner’s room to discuss Good Omens. There were many different opinions on it. We discussed the book over fairy buns made by Olivia Hall. Here are some of the opinions on Good Omens from people. James: “It was skilfully written by its two authors even though they live so far apart.”Toby: “My favourite character was the dog.”Tomas: “Friendship overpowers evil.”  Damon: “It was a well thought […]

Fyling Hall’s fabulous film club

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Fyling Hall’s fabulous film club really enjoyed talking about their latest movie. The Matrix was the latest film under review by Lex, Georgina, Gabriel, Jo, Josh, Arthur and of course, Miss Mansfield. It has a complicated story throughout the film but a very basic overview is that a group of hackers run from secret agents through time and space. They glitch their way through the Matrix using cool visuals such as the phone line a […]

Intellectual warriors

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At the end of another day of industrious academic pursuits, when lesser mortals trudge weary-limbed up to their dormitories and retire to their beds for a well-earned mug of cocoa and to repose their cudgelled brains or ‘Dailies’ slump exhausted into the backs of cars to be whisked home for supper there is a group of brave and stalwart scholars, of intellectual warriors if you will that, blind to the fatigues of a gruelling day, […]

Fyling Hall Film Club’s First Review

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As you may know, Ms Mansfield recently started the Fyling Hall Film Club. In their first review, member of the club reviewed Napoleon Dynamite. This is what club members, Josh, Joe, Arthur, Lex, Georgina and Caroline & Miss Mansfield thought . . . The film looks at relationships and character building issues. There is a small element of romance but it’s more directed at different relationships and aspirations. This film is not fast moving and sometimes […]

Cool Britannia! The story of the Ice House

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Cool discovery! New ice house in London leaves archaeologists frozen in their tracks! Our intrepid History Club investigators have uncovered an Intriguing story that throws light on the way our Georgian ancestors kept chilled in the hot months! Buried deep in the history of Regency London, archaeologists have uncovered an enormous and cavernous icehouse measuring 9.5 m deep and 7.5 m wide! What is an ice house I hear you ask?  Ever wondered how the […]

“The Book Thief”

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The seniors’ ‘Book Club’ recently met in the library again – this time to discuss “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. The award winning novel was chosen by Y10’s Jae Hur as he had recently read Zusak’s 2005 debut novel and claimed it was his ‘favourite book ever’. Jae was determined for the rest of us to agree. I’m not sure about rating it as a ‘favourite’ but we all unanimously agreed that we had […]

Book Club reads “Swallows and Amazons”

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Our Year 7 – 9 book club assembled in our rather atmospheric library again today, and it was another great success – even if the book that had been diligently read by the book clubbers (“Swallows and Amazons”) was not universally appreciated!  However, the discussion was insightful: pupils commented on the ‘slow paced narrative’, the anti-climactic ending and the cumbersome sailing terminology whilst munching on the packed lunches – provided, along with a red and white picnic table cloth, by our wonderful school cooks. There […]

Our First Book Club Meetings

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Just before half term, we held our first book club meetings in the library. There are two clubs – one for Year 7-9 and the other for our more senior pupils. Both clubs met in the library, during lunch, on separate days, and I was delighted at the evident enthusiasm of all those who took part! The Year 7-9 group discussed “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4”:  a good choice by James Brine!  […]