A friendly atmosphereIMG_0819
From the outset, students are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and those around them. Visitors often comment on the friendly and purposeful atmosphere of the school. Our fundamental spirit is epitomized by relaxed and cordial staff-pupil relationships, based on mutual respect, co-operation and trust.

An orderly routine
We believe that traditional values such as good manners and consideration for others are best developed when the parameters are clear and the importance of self-discipline is stressed. Thus, we have a minimum of clear and sensible rules and discipline is rarely an issue.

now24Assuming responsibility
Young people learn from assuming responsibility. We appoint a Head Student each year, and all members of the Upper Sixth are invited to serve as prefects.

Additionally, each form elects a representative to the School Council which meets twice a term to discuss

day-to-day issues and organize fund-raising and social events.
Meetings are chaired by the Head Student, who reports back to the Headmaster.