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our motto - Y11, 12 and 13s

As we closed our term today, our motto was at the forefront of our activities. ‘The days that make us happy make us wise.’ Never has Fyling Hall’s motto had more meaning.

Hey let’s do the Conga!

Making their last day together as bright and cheerful as possible, children in our Junior School dressed in home clothes in exchange for food bank donations.  Easter activities were brought forward and children delighted in their sunshine-filled activities.

our motto - thank you for your food bank donations
Thank you for your donations!

Meanwhile, pupils in the Senior School continued with lessons before a whole school assembly, preceded with a photo booth to capture moments with their school friends. 

But not before Years 11, 12 and 13 snuck out to Whitby for a special treat!

our motto - a special treat for our Y11, 12 and 13s
our motto - a special treat for our Y11, 12 and 13s
our motto - a special treat for our Y11, 12 and 13s

And our fabulous Juniors sang well wishes to our Year 11s . . .

In spite of the circumstance, we will continue to support all of our children and encourage them to stay connected.  Whilst none of us knows what the future holds, we do know that our priority remains to keep our community calm, safe and focussed. The days that make us happy continue to make us wise.

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