Fyling Hall Junior School

We are committed to giving every child a first-class education in the arts and sciences. Although we believe in a traditional approach, our lessons reflect modern thinking on how children learn most effectively and our small classes and quality staff allow for a very personal approach to learning.

The Junior School of Fyling Hall is small with the best pupil teacher ratios in the area. We have both day and boarding pupils. The emphasis here is very much on a family atmosphere, which enables the children to relax and enjoy their learning. Our pupils are well behaved, bright and busy.

Fyling Hall is surrounded by beautiful countryside to which we have unlimited access and this provides a valuable series of learning opportunities for the children. We have a wonderful outdoor classroom in our own forest school, where the pupils experience a whole range of activities.

Children join our Reception class in the year they turn five years old and leave for secondary education at the end of Year 6, when they are 11. Specialist senior school teachers and facilities for upper juniors enable seamless transition to the senior school.

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“I remember being confident from Form 1 onwards due to the small class sizes and caring teachers; I remember grass stains; I remember being academically pushed in lessons (there was nowhere to hide in such an intimate school); I remember Eskdale Festivals; I remember seemingly countless Nativity Plays; I remember summer days spent exploring in the woods and fields and, scariest of all, the ‘Big’ School; I remember thinking, no, knowing, that I was unique and special because of it.” (Former Pupil 1999-2013)