Sixth Form

Fyling Hall’s Sixth Form offers an academically rigorous teaching environment within a supportive family-like community. We offer our Sixth Formers the opportunity to become independent adults who are able to challenge themselves, both personally and academically, in order to achieve and realise their own potential. Our flexible programmes of study are tailored to meet the individual needs of each pupil, something that larger institutions cannot always offer. Fyling Hall has a tradition of getting students into top universities, which is down to the quality of teaching and the individual approach we can offer.

We encourage our students to become critical and independent thinkers, to get involved in our diverse enrichment programme and to take on positions of responsibility. We are proud of the happy, successful and confident individuals who graduate from our Sixth Form, equipped for life in an ever changing world.

Year 12 and Year 13 students comment on how helpful the small class size and close relationship between staff and students are in reaching their full potential. Things are very different in sixth form to the rest of the school, with study programmes based around the subjects they are passionate about and access to teachers outside of lesson time for guidance and to reinforce learning. They appreciate the flexibility and nurturing environment of our small school.


Sixth form is more than an academic jump it is about independent living, personal development and preparing for a seamless transition to the next stage of life. Students play an active part in school life and take on responsibilities. They mentor younger students, support the Junior School (for example helping with maths, reading buddies, leading dance groups), lead our charity fundraising initiatives, lead school councils, organise events, become senior prefects and so much more.

International Students

Many of our year 12 and 13 students join us as boarders. Our friendly atmosphere, beautiful setting and strong pastoral team mean that new students quickly feel at home. We pride ourself on the diverse backgrounds of our students. For those needing additional help with English our CELTA qualified teachers offer a range of courses to support them. For overseas students looking to UK Universities Sixth Form at Fyling Hall is an excellent choice. Get in touch to learn more.

Want to know more about Sixth Form life at Fyling Hall? Take a look at our Sixth Form booklet .

Each year we run A Focus on Sixth Form, an informative session guiding parents and students through all aspects of Sixth Form including subjects & timetabling, results, university application, teaching, inspection reports, location, extra-curricular activities, class size, facilities.  Take a look at ‘A Focus on Sixth Form’ . . .