Form 3 Poems

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Christmas Haiku

Ice is everywhere,
Winter is finally here,
It is cold outside

Snow is falling down,
I love to run in the snow
In my warm willies

It’s green and bushy
Baubles glisten in the light
A star glows on top

Amelia Butterfield
Gorgeous baubles, sparkling tinsel, shiny lights and a big bright star
Christmas eve super is on its way, the mince pies at the ready
So go to sleep at 7:00 and wait for Santa to knock
I hear the bells ring at midnight, Santa has arrived
Creeping down the stairs I go to catch this wonderful sight.
A great big beard, bright red jumper and long black books, back up the chimney he goes.

Edward Childerhouse

Christmas Spirit

It’s Christmas I’m away from home,
With only my horse,
The white flag goes up,
That was a treat to see,
Football games and laughs fill up the field.

We play on a hill near a lake,
Despite my back ache,
The snow crunches beneath my feet,
Glistening snow falls from the bright sky.

No Christmas decorations for us this year,
Just blood stained trenches and rats not reindeers,
We shut our eyes in dream of hope.

I’m used to being at home with joy,
My family is far from me but their spirit is still filling me with glee.

Henry Pastor


White powder is falling down,
It’s falling down on the floor,
It’s falling on the trees,

In my living room
Is a gorgeous Christmas tree
It’s a magical time

Isabelle Wagner (EAL pupil from Germany)

Christmas Winter

It was Christmas Eve, one lovely December
The moon was glistening on the gold and silver baubles
The sun came up to fill the sky,
It it it was Christmas Day.

Isla Cook


The star shines bright,
The candy sparkles green and red
Underneath the Christmas tree

Baubles hang from left to right
And tinsel flowing like the sea

Presents wrapped in Christmas paper in between the gaps of sweets
Just enough for Santa to eat

Christmas day has finally come, oh look Christmas dinner yum yum yum
Now the turkey is in my tum

Izzy Greenwood

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming
And Santa is on his way
Joy is happening,
All around for this special day

Children playing having fun
Adults wrapping Christmas presents
The tree is up with glistening baubles
And sparkling lights that twinkle bright

But pause,
Let’s remember those all alone
With no hope or happiness
Families are not near they are far

Please Santa, don’t miss anyone out
Spread your joy to everyone
That’s what Christmas is all about

Matilda Fusco

Christmas Season

Christmas is coming,
Everyone is happy,
Oh it’s Christmas,
The children sing.
The elves on the shelves are cheeky,
The Christmas play is coming,
The tree shop is busy,
Oh it’s advent,
And it’s yummy.

Snow is falling
Children are screaming,
And happiness is spreading,
Santa is busy,
The tree is up,
It’s getting darker sooner,
And the days are smaller,
The turkey is yummy,
I’m with my family,

And everyone is happy!

Megan Fusco

A Winter’s Night

A winter’s night so dark, so cold,
snow clouds against the moon shine gold.

Gazing from the window, I saw
The first snowflake begin to fall.

Formed in the frozen stratosphere,
Spinning and tumbling as it drew near.

Ice covered pollen from a summer born flower
Crystals forming in the midnight hour.

White as the wing of a holy angel,
Soft as the hay in the little stable.

Unique as the birth of the baby king,
Who lies in the manger as the angels sing.

The perfect snow flake, falling light
As the church bells ring on Christmas night.

Skye Telling

We say goodbye to Autumn,
We say hello to winter,
We put up our ever green tree,
We decorate them with glistening baubles.

When I look out of my window I see,
I see a little speck of white powder
I wonder what it is but then I see
I realise it is the first drop of snow.

I like to play in the snow,
I like to play in the snow,
I like to play in the winds that blow.

Verity Instone


When I wake up on Christmas,
I’m feeling very excited!
I go tell mum and dad,
They’re looking very delighted!

The week before,
It was snow galore,
It was the first time I’ve seen it,
The only thing I did not like was that my hands were sore.

Back home in Australia, snow was a scary thought,
Shorts and t-shirts are what I’m used to,
I can forget that now I’m up north,

What is that in front of me?
A giant turkey? That’s new to me
I used to eat ham
But as long as I have my family turkey is fine by me,

Zachary Kelly

Home to you

Crunching beneath my warm soles,
White powders drifting
In my shallow fox hole
As rapid gunfire’s lifting,

Thinking of family far and wide
I shut my eyes, all alone,
There’s no place I’d rather be
Than in my Yorkshire home

A cease this Christmas day
Bring joy as best it will
Christmas carols, a football game
Stops the need to kill

The joy will soon be ending
As we fight this bloody war
Into our trenches we’re descending
To death, despair and more,

We long to see the cliffs of Dover
But first we have a job to do
Waiting for the war to be over
So we can return home to you.

Miss Vincent-Jones
Mr Mayne

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