climbingwall1From the day it opened, early in 2006, the indoor climbing wall in our Sports Hall proved a huge hit with pupils of all ages and sporting abilities. Astonishingly, before the end of that academic year, two Fyling Hall students succeeded in their heats in the British Regional Youth Climbing Series and went on to represent Yorkshire and Humberside in the national finals.

Each year students enter the British Regional Youth Climbing Series (BRYCS)

Two overhangs have now been added and the wall has been cladded in plywood to make changing the route easier. There are currently 5 routes up the wall to a height of 7 metres, varying in difficulty from 4A to 6C.

The school runs a climbing club, currently on a Wednesday evening and some climbers are invited to go to Dartmoor on a full week exercise that takes in various degrees of bouldering and climbing.