The Art Studio is in a permanent state of flux when it comes to exhibiting the student’s work, with a constant rotation of art work on the walls. Every summer an exhibition is held displaying the work of the A-level students both in the art room and in the barn, to which the wider community is invited. Pieces are also on display elsewhere in the school: student art work is a continuous theme throughout Fyling Hall.

Most recently, we proudly curated our end of year Exhibition, our second virtual tour gallery. Whilst both tours were virtual by necessity due to Lockdown, they maintain the spirit of celebrating our pupils fantastic work. Our Head of Art, Ms Manfield commented,

It’s very important that visual work can be seen by people in whatever format we can utilise. It builds believe and esteem. Something we thrive on at Fyling Hall School. I’m very proud of all the students who have submitted their work, and they should be proud of their work and their efforts too.