End of year exams

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End of year exams

It seems like only a few months ago since we started the school year in September, but last week already saw us doing not only the A-level and GCSE exams, but also Key Stage 3’s end of year exams! How time flies!

That means that over the last weeks there has been a lot of revision of old topics going on. Fortunately, this year both French and German have introduced sentence builder books instead of vocabulary books, so that the pupils could easily go back to what they have learnt in previous months, and with the help of their well-structured sentence builders do some independent revision. During lesson time, we had some fun with “No snakes, no ladders” games, which lets the players revise a set of 21 sentences of increasing complexity, and some PowerPoint presentations from last year made us reminisce a bit… 

To all of those doing their end of year exams, Best of luck! Viel Glück! 

Regine TrotterGerman Teacher

End of year exams

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