During the Easter break

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During the Easter break Ebony, Year 8, completed a sponsored walk in aid of Interactive Whitby. She first got the idea to help Interactive during lockdown as she saw an article about charities struggling. She chose this charity as she has been involved with them for a long time, both for activities and as a helper. She has a particular affinity with a little boy with Downs syndrome, and has learnt some sign language to help him.

Ebony asked her aunt to accompany her on a sponsored walk (auntie Julie is a keen walker) as she and Julie walked up Roseberry Topping and across to Captain Cook’s monument last year. Julie suggested Wainstones as it would be a further challenge. Because of lockdown restrictions, Julie being a volunteer covid innoculater and inclement weather it did get postponed. 

During the Easter break

At last they set off to tackle the first hill. Ebony’s target was to walk/climb/scramble to complete just one of the hills (Wainstones) on the Cleveland Way. She actually walked 7.5 miles (3.5 hours) and achieved all 3 hills. Ebony says, “I enjoyed the whole experience.” Auntie Julie says, “my favourite quote of the day was Eb saying ‘at least I’m not moaning.’ “

Ebony has smashed her target of raising £50. Thank you to the staff who sponsored her. If anyone else wishes to, she will be grateful. What an accomplishment during the Easter break . . . well done, Ebony!

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