It is often quoted that our school has a family-like atmosphere, and undoubtedly, the freshly cooked and nutritious meals that are served twice a day in our homely dining hall, help to contribute to this atmosphere.

Fyling Hall’s cooks, led by Pauline Gibson, are passionate about the food that they produce.

Our aim is to produce nutritious, freshly cooked food that is child friendly and locally sourced.” (Head Cook)

dining staff

Fyling Hall’s meals are freshly produced every day in our school kitchen. A healthy, balanced and nutritious diet has been an important part of school life, long before it became fashionable. We source fresh meat and poultry from the region and wherever possible, fruit and vegetables that are sourced locally.

At lunch time there is a hot meal every day with a vegetarian option if required and a salad bar is also available every day. Our menus are rotated every two weeks in order to prevent repetition, and through the food council, pupils are encouraged to play an active role in the choice of menus. We cater for a wide range of dietary needs including food allergies, halal and vegan. Please contact us to discuss any specific dietary needs.

We aim to mirror traditional family values at meal times: although the atmosphere is relaxed, there are high expectations regarding table manners, and all pupils are encouraged to help in some way during the dining experience. Some boarders even choose to earn a small wage by helping in the kitchen, something that helps to educate pupils about food, cooking and encourages independence.