Change in the dining room

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Change in the dining room

There has been a change in the dining room at Fyling Hall. Deli Days have been introduced. What are Deli Days?  In an effort to maintain social distancing and offer choice at the same time, every fourth day pupils will enjoy a choice of sandwich, fruit, crisps, etc.  Collected from our dining room’s terrace entrance, pupils can then take their “picnic” to enjoy on the school grounds.  Hot meals are prepared on all other days with a choice of main and pudding, with preferences requested at the start of the week.  Of course, our boarding students continue to enjoy a freshly prepared, cooked meal in the evenings. 

To further ensure social distancing, there are now three lunch sittings.  At each session students sit forward facing and four per table.  Each table still has a “head” who collects the hot food and clears, with the head rotating each week.

Change in the dining room

Whilst this is all new, enjoying that our children are safe and enjoy a nutritious meal are our priority.  Please do let us know what your child(ren) thinks about our change in the dining room.

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