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The Day of the Storm

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The day the sun slipped away, The rain came down on Whitby Bay. It hid away behind a cloud, Then came a distant rumbling sound. Whilst thunder claps of quivering cloud, Boomed and crashed so very loud. Lightning crackled in the thundering sky, Diamond bright flashes streaking by. Then came a shower of stinging hail, Icy blasts of the stormy gale. Trees began to sway and shiver, And one crashed down into the river. Stormy […]

Form 3 Poems

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Christmas Haiku Ice is everywhere, Winter is finally here, It is cold outside Snow is falling down, I love to run in the snow In my warm willies It’s green and bushy Baubles glisten in the light A star glows on top Amelia Butterfield ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________________________________ Gorgeous baubles, sparkling tinsel, shiny lights and a big bright star Christmas eve super is on its way, the mince pies at the ready So go to sleep at 7:00 […]

World War One Poems

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War A bad choice The hourly charge The flying bullets The collapsing men A bad taste The death taste The blood-covered poppies A futile future Cameron Gebbie _____________________________________________________________________ The front line 3 hours… 2 hours… 1 hour… 30 minutes… 5 minutes… 1 minute go! My heart was racing, But I ran into the charging bulls of hell; Their horns pierced my liver, And suddenly the rain became mud, And the mud turned to blood, And […]

Christmas Poems

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Christmas Christmas is coming, Stocking are hung, The tree is decorated, With help from my mum. Santa is ready For the big night ahead, While children are fast asleep All tucked up in bed. Santa creeps in As quiet as can be And fills the stockings 1, 2, 3. Early next morning Children can see Santa has been! Oh Wow!! Yippee!! Sam Laycock Year 7 ________________________________________________________________ The Magic of Christmas The trees are bare and […]

First Debating Club

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Every Wednesday afternoon our senior debating club meet to discuss ethical current affairs topics and to practise our debating skills. This week we practised sharpening our ability to think on our feet and create argument quickly by playing ‘Rebuttal Tennis’. This is a quick fire game where, after pupils are paired up, one partner makes a statement related to a debate topic such as “assisted suicide is unacceptable in all cases,” and the other must […]

Christmas (Skye Telling)

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Formed in the frozen stratosphere, Spinning and tumbling as it drew near. Ice covered pollen from a summer born flower Crystals forming in the midnight hour. White as the wing of a holy angel, Soft as the hay in the little stable. Unique as the birth of the baby king, Who lies in the manger as the angels sing. The perfect snow flake, falling light As the church bells ring on Christmas night. By Skye […]

Christmas Eve 1914 (Toby Richardson)

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The wind whistles and rages Over the top of our dingy trench, Mud and slush soak through our boots, Drenching us to the core Of our sore, frost bitten hearts. We shoot at the Germans, And they at us, pointlessly, For a no-man’s land of half a mile. The men of my trench slumber restlessly, While I sit, and remember Christmases gone by. And then, amid the symphony of quiet sighs, As if in a […]