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sending love in photos

Sending love in photos

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As promised, Head Matron, Miss Anders, is sending love in photos. She has kindly taken some beautiful photographs for those of us missing the views. Thank you, Miss Anders! “I have to say I’m so privileged to be in an absolutely beautiful part of Yorkshire with spectacular grounds surrounding me all around, it reminds me of a childhood fairytale. We even have, what I always refer to as “The Secret Garden” Keep safe Popits! 💕” […]

Reporting from the one and only Fyling Hall- fun in the sun!

Reporting from the one and only Fyling Hall

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“Reporting from the one and only Fyling Hall” . . . so begins Miss Anders latest update of life at Fyling Hall. Fyling Hall’s Head Matron is one of our six members of staff living on site over the Easter Holidays. With five other members of staff, she is looking after our eight remaining international students. Let’s hear more . . . Evening my lovelies, reporting from the one and only Fyling Hall our safe […]

making a stand - we will be reunited

Making a stand

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At Fyling Hall, pupils and staff are making a stand. It’s been nearly a week since the UK Government closed schools across the UK and put more stringent social distancing measures in place. With ten international students and six staff still on site, read Mr Instone’s recent account of life at Fyling Hall School . . . It’s day four in the Big Brother House. We’ve been in lockdown since Monday and rather like Willy […]

What a difference a week makes! - Letters to "at risk" local residents kindly written by our Y11 pupils

What a difference a week makes!

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What a difference a week makes! Who could have dreamt that our physical end of term would be brought forward so unexpectedly? This has not stopped us from keeping together! Whilst our “household” of remaining boarders and the boarding team are still meeting face to face, the rest of our Fyling Hall family are meeting virtually. Pupils and staff are learning a whole new level of engagement. Many are starting the day with PE with […]

Meet our Art Leaders

Our Art Leaders

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Fyling Hall’s Art Studio proudly introduces our Art Leaders, a new leadership initiative for art students. The aim is to provide Y12 art students with experience of leading on certain activities related to their A level Art. This opportunity allows for these students to gain vital experience that will be imperative in their progression towards their Degree course applications next year. Leaders will set up art exhibitions, weekly fun activities, art workshops, fundraising activities and […]

life has changed

Life has changed

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Life has changed dramatically . . . for everyone. In these times of uncertainty we turn to those we can trust. Never have the strong bonds we forge at Fyling Hall been so meaningful. We remain an international family, proudly educating pupils from across the globe.  In times of uncertainty, it is family that we turn to. Therefore, it was only right that with the recent outbreak, compounded by school closures, Fyling Hall took the […]

virtual teacher

Virtual teacher

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Wonder what it’s like to be a virtual teacher? Ms Hornung, Fyling Hall’s Head of Modern Languages, gives her insight into days of late . . . The launch of virtual learning at Fyling Hall a strange feeling walking into the place you’ve worked in for over 30 years knowing that the staff room is off limits and that the boarders and boarding staff cannot mix with us. Waving hello to friends through the window […]

staying active

Keeping active

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Whilst keeping active is important physically, it is also just as vital for our mental health, especially under the government’s latest measures. Fyling Hall’s Games Department is proud to offer support for activities, which your children and yourselves can do at home or in the garden! Within Microsoft Teams we have set up FHS Games, a team which will focus around, simple exercise, challenges and trying to have a bit of fun. Your child can […]

online art exhibition

Online art exhibition

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Fyling Hall Art Studio is working with its art student to create an online art exhibition. During this unprecedented time never seen before in your lifetime we aim to utilise this situation to explore what we take for granted around us. We would like you to create a portfolio of work based around this subject. As part of the A-level syllabus we are expected to provide a portfolio of observation studies based on what and […]

our motto - Y11, 12 and 13s

Our motto

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As we closed our term today, our motto was at the forefront of our activities. ‘The days that make us happy make us wise.’ Never has Fyling Hall’s motto had more meaning. Hey let’s do the Conga! Making their last day together as bright and cheerful as possible, children in our Junior School dressed in home clothes in exchange for food bank donations.  Easter activities were brought forward and children delighted in their sunshine-filled activities. […]

A dramatic twist - drama GCSE exam prep

A dramatic twist

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With events unfolding so rapidly, we are all learning to expect a dramatic twist.  Watching last week’s Y11 RockSchool Exam Concert, who could have imagined that tonight’s Y11 Drama Exam Performance will take place behind closed doors?  Mrs Jeeves, Fyling Hall’s Head of Drama, made this difficult decision in line with the exam board’s advice. That said, our drama students’ effort and commitment remain the same.  Take a look at their final preparations. . . […]

pen friends

A pile of letters

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At last! In recent weeks Fyling Hall’s Year 7 pupils for the first time received  a pile of letters. From whom you ask? From their new pen friends from the German school, Lloyd Gymnasium in Bremerhaven. They have been impressed by their language skills and their selection of pets (frogs seem to be popular in Bremerhaven), as well as by some great design skills. Year 8 also received news from their ongoing pen friends. Our own […]

Continuing with business as usual

Continuing with business as usual

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Fyling Hall is stoically continuing with business as usual, as far as is possible. Keeping our community calm, clean and focussed is a priority. Naturally, additional efforts to safeguard our Fyling Hall family are ongoing. Parents have been advised that all fixtures and events until the end of term are cancelled.  Social distancing remains encouraged. We also continue to limit pupil and staff access to people outside of the community on the site. Keeping our […]

auditions - Sophie took part in our most recent cultural trip


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Auditions. The one day that can make or break your chance of getting into university for a drama based subject. For most, when auditioning for university they all expect the same thing from you. You should work well in a group, perform your monologue confidently (which is a lot harder than you would think, trust me) and be confident enough to try and do anything they ask of you. So what to expect on the […]

meet the new kid on the block

The new kid on the block

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Ever wondered what it is like to be the new kid on the block? Luka is one of our newest international students. It is fair to say that he has truly embraced Fyling Hall life. Have a read on his initial impressions. My name is Luka, and I am a new boarder in Fyling Hall School. I was born in Russia and studied there for 10 years so I can compare Fyling Hall to my […]

COVID 19 Virus Update

COVID-19 Virus Update

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I am sure you have seen that the government announced last night that the UK has now moved to the ‘delay’ stage of the COVID-19 planning, the latest guidance for educational settings can be viewed by clicking here. The decision is that for the current time schools will remain open and operate as normal. We have taken the decision to stop inter school fixtures for the time being and any other excursions out of school will be […]

COVID 19 Virus Update

COVID-19 Virus Update – Boarding

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We are very conscious of how difficult our boarding pupils must be finding life at the moment given the national and international coronavirus issue, and the challenges they are facing are clearly significant. Fyling Hall School has taken steps which we hope may relieve some of the burden, and I can confirm that we will be keeping Mulgrave Boarding House open throughout the Easter holiday from Friday 27th March through to Monday 13th April. Both […]

something a little bit different - World Book Day

Something a little bit different

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As any frequent visitor to Fyling Hall will be able to tell you, there’s usually something a little bit different going on whether that be a procession of young horse-riders taking their trusted steeds out for a canter, throngs of incipient actors and musicians honing their craft in preparation of their next spectacular performance or swathes of eager scholars dashing with fervour and baited breath to see what edificatory joys await them in their next […]

Our Y10s face the ‘big wide world’ of work

The ‘big wide world’ of work

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Fyling Hall’s Year 10s have set off into the ‘big wide world’ of work this week. There are not many schools in the area that participate in work experience and as it provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain an insight into the working world, develop important skills and boost confidence, our students are very fortunate. Pupils have spent many Learning for Life lessons finding out about interview techniques, how to produce the best […]

seeing things in a new light - new lights in the Barn

Seeing things in a new light

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Fyling Hall’s drama students and musicians are seeing things in a new light. New lights have been installed in our Barn, just in time for our Rockschool concert and upcoming drama exams. Upgraded lights will allow GCSE and A level drama students to produce a professional looking performance and for those going through the GCSE as a designer to use. The lights we now have are industry standard. They will give the lighting design students […]

a buzz with performing arts

A buzz with performing arts

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Fyling Hall has been a buzz with performing arts. As March has rolled around again, the Eskdale Festival of Performing Arts, our local drama and music competition, has returned. Across the school students have been busy perfecting their poetry, drama and music pieces in eager anticipation of their performance. A bit of last minute rehearsals before their performance Junior School The Festival is a chance for all of our Junior School pupils to perform poetry […]

COVID 19 Virus Update

COVID-19 Virus Update

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I am sure that you are more than aware about all the uncertainty there currently is surrounding the COVID-19 virus. As some pupils are due to sit exams during the Summer Term this uncertainty is most unwelcome, and the potential consequences of this rapidly evolving situation need to be fully considered. The last thing I would wish is for any travel restrictions or periods of self-isolation to have a negative impact on our children’s preparation […]

Year 10 show us how to kick off World Book Day celebrations

World Book Day celebrations

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Plans for Fyling Hall’s World Book Day celebrations are underway. With so many of our students out at Eskdale Festival, we thought it only fair to postpone our World Book Day to Friday, 6th March to ensure that all of our students (and staff) can participate. Students and staff are invited to come to school on the 6th dressed as a character from a book and are asking for a £1 donation or a £2 donation […]

forces and motion

Forces and Motion

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‘Forces and Motion’ is the theme for Fyling Hall’s STEM Challenge Day. Taking place on Wednesday, 11th March, we cannot wait to welcome the challenging teams from Overdale, Ruswarp and Hawsker. We certainly have an exciting day in store! Visiting students will arrive having been allocated to groups of four beforehand. A range of skills within each team is essential. Good teamwork is also very important in the tasks. Teams will complete three tasks with […]

Film Club's latest review

Film Club’s latest review

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Fyling Hall’s Film Club’s latest review is in. Our Senior Club members include Joe, Arthur, Josh and Miss M. Their film? Lost Boys, 1989. Here’s what they thought . . . Teen flick, light hearted vampire story from and seaside town. We follow the younger brother of a vampire on his quest to sleigh the vampire. He’s accompanied by the comedy duo the Frog brothers. Vampire sleighers, the Frog brothers create comic relief from the […]

extended project qualification

Extended Project Qualification

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Fyling Hall’s first Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is well and truly underway in Sixth Form. Ailsa has researched, shadowed professionals and created an extensive journalistic sketchbook to preempt the making of an ambitious tutu inspired by her love of dance and specifically ballet. This remarkable journey has required self motivation and determination to produce such an outstanding practical piece. The benefits of a completing an EPQ have proven to be more than our students had […]

exam preparation

Exam preparation

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With the summer exam season getting ever closer, now is the time to start focusing on exam preparation, revision and exam technique.  I would strongly encourage all pupils to take advantage of the additional help and advice that is available.  Please find the following full programme which is running each evening and at weekends. Download Please review the timetable and take advantage when you can to ensure the best exam preparation. Dr Ian Richardson, Deputy Head, […]

stargazing party pics

Stargazing Party

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A big thank you to all who attended our recent Stargazing party! The heavens were relatively kind in as much as the evening was dry. Whilst they unfortunately, were not quite clear enough to see the stars., this did not stop us. Thank goodness for Mark Dawson’s expert inclement weather option . . . viewing the stars in our barn was still an experience! A further big thank you to Mark and Keith from the […]

golden book

Junior School Golden Book recipients

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Every week the teachers at the Junior School selects pupils, who have shown kindness or impressed in some way, to go into the Golden Book. The criteria for receiving the accolade is always very personal to the child and is used to motivate and encourage them in their own learning journey. They also receive 5 coveted house points, and the child who appears most frequently in the Golden Book by the end of term is […]

Eve demonstrates how to work effectively in Maths

How to work effectively in maths

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What is the best way to work effectively in Maths? Our Year 10s will tell you that it is by working together! Take a look at Eve explaining how to solve a tricky equation. Her positive attitude to problem solving inspires others . . . all part of our numeracy policy and learning to work effectively in maths!

preparation for a modern version of An Inspector Calls

A modern version of An Inspector Calls

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A modern version of An Inspector Calls? In an effort to gain better insight into this classic, our Year 10 pupils have been blending it with a “Jeremy Kyle” format. All part of their exploration of the themes of plays. Take a look at their efforts . . . some great modern versions of An Inspector Calls! First . . . a bit of preparation! Take 1 😉

fyling fridays on the beach

Thank Fyling it’s Friday!

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At Fyling Hall, we like to thank Fyling it’s Friday! It is often the favourite day of the week for pupils and staff. Not because it is the end of the working week, but what Friday afternoon has in store! Fridays are the one day of the week when over two-thirds of the school are involved in some form of physical activity. At 2pm there is a buzz of excitement as you hear the Junior […]

A Focus on GCSEs

A Focus on GCSEs

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A Focus on GCSEs proudly returns to Fyling Hall School. It is that time of year to think ahead to you or your child’s GCSE choices.  Whilst many of the subjects are already chosen for your child, you and they have the task of choosing four more subjects.  But what and how to choose?  Fortunately, you do not need to choose on the basis of a fixed timetable. As a small school we alter our […]

Investigating Lead Glass

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Fyling Hall’s Year 9s have been investigating lead glass, sometimes called lead crystal. But please, refrain from calling it “crystal.” Technically, we should not be using the term ‘crystal’ as glass has an amorphous structure rather than a crystalline one The production of lead glass was introduced by George Ravenscroft in 1627 and its ‘brilliant’ lustre soon made it popular for drinking glasses. A method since discontinued due to the toxic nature of lead! Year […]

sounds of nature inspired by Fyling Hal's Rose Garden

The sounds of nature

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Last term Fyling Hall’s Year 7’s created from scratch their own composition to do with the sights, smells and sounds of nature. They got their inspiration from a lesson in our Rose Garden and created it using the four chords of pop. Each member of the class was involved with either the writing side of things, the performance or the production elements. It was a class effort, and the Year 7’s should be proud of […]

Family History

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My teacher is always telling us to find out more about our family history. So that is what I did. I knew that I had family ancestry at Patterdale Hall which is now used as a YMCA residential adventure learning centre. On the 6th January 2020 I wrote to them, and 7 days later a letter arrived in the post. In the letter the centre administrator had attached a lot of interesting information for me […]

sirius poster winners

Sirius poster winners

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Take a look at Fyling Hall‘s Sirius poster winners! Congratulations to Oona, Skye and Isabelle! Oona’s winning poster Skye’s winning poster Isabelle’s winning poster Primary school children across the area recently took part in Sirius’ Health and Safety poster competition. Children designed posters that they thought will help keep the Sirius team – and visitors to their sites – safe. As Heather King, Local Liaison Officer for Sirius explained, “Construction sites can be very exciting […]

The amazing thing . . .

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What is the amazing thing about Fyling Hall? Having joined us for a short stay in Year 12, international student, Emilia shares her thoughts . . . We wish her all the best with her future studies back home in Germany! Emilia presents on “A Streetcar Named Desire” during one of her English Literature lessons Emilia with her fellow English Literature pupils and teachers, Mr Thomas and Ms Milner

safer internet day 2020

Safer Internet Day

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11th February was Safer Internet Day, and at Fyling Hall, the perfect opportunity to assess our internet knowledge.  Most of us think we know the internet and how it works.  For this reason, we think we are safe.  Do not be so sure!  In Monday’s assembly, Mr Instone talked pupils through the following: three threats. sharing personal details (bank details, where you live or can be found)posting compromising photographs (sexting is still on the rise […]

our latest young rangers

Our latest Young Rangers

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Fyling Hall’s Year 6s were our latest Young Rangers, continuing our Young Ranger collaboration with the North York Moors National Park. On what has become known as Fyling Fridays, Year 6 recently met up with the Park’s Youth Engagement Officer, Mary, and Senior Ranger, Bernie, to do some clearing work along the trod which runs through our grounds. We cleared the laurel from the path to let more light through, and we created two animal […]

Archie is counting the calories

Counting the calories

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We are all used to the term ‘counting the calories’, but what does it actually mean? A calorie is a measure of the potential energy available from the chemical reaction of a substance. We are used to using the term calorie to identify the fat content of a food, this is simply due to the fact that the greater amount of fat present, the more potential energy, or calories are available. The calorie has been […]

Phoebe and Rory contemplate a thought provoking Geography question

Thought provoking Geography

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How about this for a thought provoking geography question? Never one to shy from the big questions, Miss Gilmour, Fyling Hall’s Head of Geography, asked our Sixth Formers to answer . . . As a geographer, if I could change one thing about the world, it would be . . . “… illegal and uncontrolled logging because it is the biggest threat to civilisation. How can people cut down and destroy the ‘lungs of the […]

maths inspiration attendees

Maths Inspiration

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Twenty-four (24) of Fyling Hall‘s students from Years 11, 12 and 13 recently attended the Maths Inspiration event at its Northern Stage. Taking place on Tuesday, 28th January at Newcastle University the event is aimed at current and aspiring sixth-formers with an interest in maths. Talks are given by academics and professionals and demonstrates the use of maths in professional careers in a light-hearted and humorous way. It was an ideal STEM outing that hopefully […]

Baking with Miss Anders, another example of best boarding practices

Best Boarding Practice for Miss Anders

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Congratulations to Fyling Hall’s Head Matron, Miss Anders, who recently passed her BSA Advanced Certificate in Boarding Practice. Miss Anders now holds an internationally recognised qualification in Boarding Education. As a BSA Accredited Boarding Practitioner, Miss Anders completed the two year course with flying colours. The course is an individual recognition of those boarding staff who make a personal, professional commitment to best boarding practice. It also recognises Fyling Hall’s belief in our staff’s personal […]

Liza takes a little piece of Fyling Hall home

Taking a little piece of Fyling Hall home

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At Fyling Hall, we love the thought of our pupils taking a little piece of Fyling Hall home. How about this as an example? Watch Liza’s, a Year 12 music student from Russia, fabulous performance of “Addicted.” Liza performs “Addicted,” a song that she and her colleague, Will, wrote at Fyling Hall . . . a fantastic example of taking a little piece of Fyling Hall home. Well done, Liza and Will!

2019 Fyling Hall skiers hitting the slopes

Fancy hitting the slopes?

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Fancy hitting the slopes? Fyling Hall’s next ski trip has been announced. Budding skiers will return to Italy. This time to the ski resort of Prato/Artesina. Take a look at all it has to offer! With two successful trips in 2019, spanning two academic years, Fyling Hall is building on our ski trip success. It is not only an important element of our Enrichment Programme, but also #PEwithaDifference. And it is a loads of fun! […]

Orchestra Club is fun

Orchestra club continues

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I am so pleased to say that Fyling Hall’s orchestra club continues this term. Expertly led by local conductor, Bob Butterfield. Mr Butterfield is a fantastic woodwind player and teacher who runs Whitby’s Saturday band on a weekend. We are excited to have a few new members joining us, including another Euphonium player and a Bassoon player. In no particular order, our orchestra this half term consists of the following instruments: ViolinOboeFluteTrumpetCornetFrench hornSaxophonePianoEuphonium – two players, no less!BassoonCello It is […]

Year 9 explores cell revision using sweets

Cell revision

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Fyling Hall’s Year 9 pupils were treated to a special cell revision lesson. Using jelly sweets, biology pupils had to recall what they had previously learned about animal and plant cells. They also had to create the correct features for both. Unsurprisingly, some of the cells lacked a few of the essential parts as the materials had seemingly disappeared. Cell revision indeed!

Fyling Hall's STEM Challenge 2020

Our first STEM Challenge competition

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Fyling Hall is proud to announce our first STEM Challenge competition for year 6 pupils. This day long event will take place on Wednesday 11th March, 9:30am to 2:30pm. Schools are invited to send up to two teams of four of their most dedicated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics students to compete in three engineering and physics based tasks. Pupils will benefit from working in a senior school laboratory environment at Fyling Hall to develop […]

Olivia and Mabel are just two of Fyling Hall's students taking part in the BBC Radio 2's 500 Words competition

500 Words

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Have you heard of the BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words competition? It is “the UK’s largest story writing competition for kids (and) is back for its tenth year.” In the words of one of our students, read how Fyling Hall is getting involved . . . At the moment, Mrs Milner is running a 500 word story club every Tuesday night where she is helping students aged 13 and under to write a story for […]