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fyling fridays on the beach

Thank Fyling it’s Friday!

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At Fyling Hall, we like to thank Fyling it’s Friday! It is often the favourite day of the week for pupils and staff. Not because it is the end of the working week, but what Friday afternoon has in store! Fridays are the one day of the week when over two-thirds of the school are involved in some form of physical activity. At 2pm there is a buzz of excitement as you hear the Junior […]

A Focus on GCSEs

A Focus on GCSEs

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A Focus on GCSEs proudly returns to Fyling Hall School. It is that time of year to think ahead to you or your child’s GCSE choices.  Whilst many of the subjects are already chosen for your child, you and they have the task of choosing four more subjects.  But what and how to choose?  Fortunately, you do not need to choose on the basis of a fixed timetable. As a small school we alter our […]

Investigating Lead Glass

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Fyling Hall’s Year 9s have been investigating lead glass, sometimes called lead crystal. But please, refrain from calling it “crystal.” Technically, the term ‘crystal’ as glass has an amorphous structure rather than a crystalline one. The production of lead glass was introduced by George Ravenscroft in 1627 and its ‘brilliant’ lustre soon made it popular for drinking glasses. A method since discontinued due to the toxic nature of lead! Year 9s have replicated the manufacturing […]

sounds of nature inspired by Fyling Hal's Rose Garden

The sounds of nature

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Last term Fyling Hall’s Year 7’s created from scratch their own composition to do with the sights, smells and sounds of nature. They got their inspiration from a lesson in our Rose Garden and created it using the four chords of pop. Each member of the class was involved with either the writing side of things, the performance or the production elements. It was a class effort, and the Year 7’s should be proud of […]

Family History

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My teacher is always telling us to find out more about our family history. So that is what I did. I knew that I had family ancestry at Patterdale Hall which is now used as a YMCA residential adventure learning centre. On the 6th January 2020 I wrote to them, and 7 days later a letter arrived in the post. In the letter the centre administrator had attached a lot of interesting information for me […]

sirius poster winners

Sirius poster winners

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Take a look at Fyling Hall‘s Sirius poster winners! Congratulations to Oona, Skye and Isabelle! Oona’s winning poster Skye’s winning poster Isabelle’s winning poster Primary school children across the area recently took part in Sirius’ Health and Safety poster competition. Children designed posters that they thought will help keep the Sirius team – and visitors to their sites – safe. As Heather King, Local Liaison Officer for Sirius explained, “Construction sites can be very exciting […]

The amazing thing . . .

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What is the amazing thing about Fyling Hall? Having joined us for a short stay in Year 12, international student, Emilia shares her thoughts . . . We wish her all the best with her future studies back home in Germany! Emilia presents on “A Streetcar Named Desire” during one of her English Literature lessons Emilia with her fellow English Literature pupils and teachers, Mr Thomas and Ms Milner

Weekly Highlights

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Take a look at Fyling Hall‘s weekly highlights . . . Our week started with Friends of Fyling Hall’s first pop up cafe and closed with Parents’ meetings … where would we be without our parents’ support?! Wishing you a Happy Valentines and a very relaxing Half Term!!

Junior School Golden Book recipients

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Every week the teachers at the Junior School selects pupils, who have shown kindness or impressed in some way, to go into the Golden Book. The criteria for receiving the accolade is always very personal to the child and is used to motivate and encourage them in their own learning journey. They also receive 5 coveted house points, and the child who appears most frequently in the Golden Book by the end of term is […]

safer internet day 2020

Safer Internet Day

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11th February was Safer Internet Day, and at Fyling Hall, the perfect opportunity to assess our internet knowledge.  Most of us think we know the internet and how it works.  For this reason, we think we are safe.  Do not be so sure!  In Monday’s assembly, Mr Instone talked pupils through the following: three threats. sharing personal details (bank details, where you live or can be found)posting compromising photographs (sexting is still on the rise […]

our latest young rangers

Our latest Young Rangers

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Fyling Hall’s Year 6s were our latest Young Rangers, continuing our Young Ranger collaboration with the North York Moors National Park. On what has become known as Fyling Fridays, Year 6 recently met up with the Park’s Youth Engagement Officer, Mary, and Senior Ranger, Bernie, to do some clearing work along the trod which runs through our grounds. We cleared the laurel from the path to let more light through, and we created two animal […]

Archie is counting the calories

Counting the calories

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We are all used to the term ‘counting the calories’, but what does it actually mean? A calorie is a measure of the potential energy available from the chemical reaction of a substance. We are used to using the term calorie to identify the fat content of a food, this is simply due to the fact that the greater amount of fat present, the more potential energy, or calories are available. The calorie has been […]

Phoebe and Rory contemplate a thought provoking Geography question

Thought provoking Geography

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How about this for a thought provoking geography question? Never one to shy from the big questions, Miss Gilmour, Fyling Hall’s Head of Geography, asked our Sixth Formers to answer . . . As a geographer, if I could change one thing about the world, it would be . . . “… illegal and uncontrolled logging because it is the biggest threat to civilisation. How can people cut down and destroy the ‘lungs of the […]

maths inspiration attendees

Maths Inspiration

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Twenty-four (24) of Fyling Hall‘s students from Years 11, 12 and 13 recently attended the Maths Inspiration event at its Northern Stage. Taking place on Tuesday, 28th January at Newcastle University the event is aimed at current and aspiring sixth-formers with an interest in maths. Talks are given by academics and professionals and demonstrates the use of maths in professional careers in a light-hearted and humorous way. It was an ideal STEM outing that hopefully […]

Baking with Miss Anders, another example of best boarding practices

Best Boarding Practice for Miss Anders

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Congratulations to Fyling Hall’s Head Matron, Miss Anders, who recently passed her BSA Advanced Certificate in Boarding Practice. Miss Anders now holds an internationally recognised qualification in Boarding Education. As a BSA Accredited Boarding Practitioner, Miss Anders completed the two year course with flying colours. The course is an individual recognition of those boarding staff who make a personal, professional commitment to best boarding practice. It also recognises Fyling Hall’s belief in our staff’s personal […]

Liza takes a little piece of Fyling Hall home

Taking a little piece of Fyling Hall home

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At Fyling Hall, we love the thought of our pupils taking a little piece of Fyling Hall home. How about this as an example? Watch Liza’s, a Year 12 music student from Russia, fabulous performance of “Addicted.” Liza performs “Addicted,” a song that she and her colleague, Will, wrote at Fyling Hall . . . a fantastic example of taking a little piece of Fyling Hall home. Well done, Liza and Will!

2019 Fyling Hall skiers hitting the slopes

Fancy hitting the slopes?

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Fancy hitting the slopes? Fyling Hall’s next ski trip has been announced. Budding skiers will return to Italy. This time to the ski resort of Prato/Artesina. Take a look at all it has to offer! With two successful trips in 2019, spanning two academic years, Fyling Hall is building on our ski trip success. It is not only an important element of our Enrichment Programme, but also #PEwithaDifference. And it is a loads of fun! […]

Orchestra Club is fun

Orchestra club continues

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I am so pleased to say that Fyling Hall’s orchestra club continues this term. Expertly led by local conductor, Bob Butterfield. Mr Butterfield is a fantastic woodwind player and teacher who runs Whitby’s Saturday band on a weekend. We are excited to have a few new members joining us, including another Euphonium player and a Bassoon player. In no particular order, our orchestra this half term consists of the following instruments: ViolinOboeFluteTrumpetCornetFrench hornSaxophonePianoEuphonium – two players, no less!BassoonCello It is […]

Year 9 explores cell revision using sweets

Cell revision

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Fyling Hall’s Year 9 pupils were treated to a special cell revision lesson. Using jelly sweets, biology pupils had to recall what they had previously learned about animal and plant cells. They also had to create the correct features for both. Unsurprisingly, some of the cells lacked a few of the essential parts as the materials had seemingly disappeared. Cell revision indeed!

Fyling Hall's STEM Challenge 2020

Our first STEM Challenge competition

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Fyling Hall is proud to announce our first STEM Challenge competition for year 6 pupils. This day long event will take place on Wednesday 11th March, 9:30am to 2:30pm. Schools are invited to send up to two teams of four of their most dedicated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics students to compete in three engineering and physics based tasks. Pupils will benefit from working in a senior school laboratory environment at Fyling Hall to develop […]

Olivia and Mabel are just two of Fyling Hall's students taking part in the BBC Radio 2's 500 Words competition

500 Words

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Have you heard of the BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words competition? It is “the UK’s largest story writing competition for kids (and) is back for its tenth year.” In the words of one of our students, read how Fyling Hall is getting involved . . . At the moment, Mrs Milner is running a 500 word story club every Tuesday night where she is helping students aged 13 and under to write a story for […]

Students explore the creative technique of Batik work

A creative approach

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How to secure a a creative approach to producing textile designs? Just ask the PTA! The Fyling Hall Art Department applied for extra funding from the PTA to be able to buy new equipment to encourage a creative approach to producing textile designs. Securing funds to buy an electric wax melting pot with tools, the results have been very creative indeed. Year 5 took inspiration from Matisse cut paper designs to come up with their […]

learning all things food related in German lessons

Everything food-related

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These past weeks, year 8 have been working on everything food-related in their German lessons. They have learnt words for different food and meals, how to say what they don’t eat and why (“Ich esse keine Nudeln, denn ich bin glutenintolerant.”) for places to eat. They have also practiced some dialogues ordering food at the bakery or the takeaway, of course including “Danke”, “Bitte” and “Entschuldigung”. Their last activity so far has been a budgeting […]

Bella whisks her cake batter . . . is our piece of cake ready yet?

A piece of cake!

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Fancy a piece of cake? Time in the kitchen does more than satiate our sweet tooth. Learning to bake and/or cook develops many skills from maths, to coordination to those for independent living. It is also a social and fun activity and for some, a great stress reliever. Exciting news What better time for Fyling Hall to announce our plans for a new cooking facility? Located next to our Wellness Room, our plan is to […]

Lydia uses her newly learned titration skills

Calcium Carbonate, Brazilian mussels and Robin Hood’s Bay Limpets

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You might ask, what do Calcium Carbonate, Brazilian mussels and Robin Hood’s Bay Limpets have in common? Let’s start with what calcium carbonate is. It forms approximately 4% of the rocks found on the Earth, mainly in the forms of chalk, limestone and marble. The uses of calcium carbonate are wide and varied; from relieving heart burn as antacid tablets, to the construction of roads and buildings, to the deacidification of rivers and fields. The […]

Pupils are keen to "take things apart"

How does it all work?

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How does it all work? Let’s find out… A curriculum is a list of topics that must be covered in a course. Every teacher would agree that there’s always something on that list that we perhaps wouldn’t include if we were to design it ourselves, but I find it more interesting to look at those topics that are not on the list but I really think should be. For me in Physics, the missing topic […]

FHS' Book Club's latest reads

FHS Book Club’s latest reads

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Last week our Fyling Hall Book Club met in Mrs Milner’s room to discuss their latest reads. Participants read ‘Skellig’ by David Almond, and “The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket” by John Boyne. They discussed the book whilst eating cookies made by Olivia Grace Hall. Here are some of the things they said: “Skellig” I liked the way it was set out. The plot was easy to follow and the chapters were short. […]

visiting director, Chris Wales

Performing in front of a live audience

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Performing in front of a live audience is no easy thing . . . even for drama students! Last week Fyling Hall’s Year 11 drama class performed their exam pieces in front of a live audience for the first time. The GCSE exam asks pupils to perform two extracts from a play of their choosing for a visiting examiner. This year we were lucky enough to have a visitor in our audience for our first […]

push or cycle through that water?

Mountain biking in winter?

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Mountain biking in winter? At Fyling Hall, it is a resounding yes, please! As part of PE with a Difference, mountain biking remains one of our individual sporting options. Just take a look at what mountain biking in winter looks like! Track or river? Keep going!!

Pupils read to each other

A deep dive into reading

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This term Fyling Hall’s Junior School are rolling out a deep dive into reading. Our first challenge for the children is to broaden their experience of different genres of books. Even Form 1 are taking part, choosing poems ready for the Eskdale Festival of Performing Arts.  Miss Vincent Jones came up with the fabulous idea of reading bingo! We introduced it in assembly and are looking forward to seeing who will be the most motivated […]

Inspector Fyling of the Stackyard

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Fyling Hall’s Year 9 have been playing Inspector Fyling of the Stackyard investigates! They studied Victorian crime and policing, focusing especially on the notorious “Jack the Ripper” case, and are now completing their reports! This exercise has helped them to gain a deeper insight into the wider historical context of Victorian social problems, and the conditions of the poor. It also enabled them to practice a number of important history skills. These include selecting and […]

Beat the blues

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How does one beat the blues? While many of us are looking for ways to beat the blues, Fyling Hall’s Music Department is looking for ways to embrace them as part of their Blues project. Have a listen to Tomas’ rendition of “In the Mood” . . . you won’t be blue for long!

Art, Photography and Textiles Exams

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Art, Photography and Textiles Exams are about to start at Fyling Hall. The exam paper will be distributed to students at the end of this week, with a view to starting the ten-week project next week. As a reference click here to find a copy of the timeline for the course deadlines, etc. Please encourage your son/daughter in the following weeks and help them stay focused on up and coming deadlines. Thank you in advance […]

International students’ exam success

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As we were all gearing up for Christmas, 5 of Fyling Hall’s international students were busily preparing for exams. The Cambridge English exam board are internationally recognised tests of English proficiency and incredibly difficult to achieve high grades in. The exams tests pupils’ use of spoken and written English and their comprehension in listening and reading. It was fantastic therefore, to receive another excellent set of results. Emilia took the Advanced English exam achieving a […]

Fyling Hall's Sixth Form

Sixth Form Update

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With a growing Sixth Form at Fyling Hall and a new year, it is the perfect time for a Sixth Form Update. Whether your child is in the Sixth Form or aspires to be, our Sixth Formers impact many facets of Fyling Hall life. Ms Mitchell, Head of Sixth Form, kindly gives us a Sixth Form update, letting us know about the activities that have been taking place and about future plans. A busy term […]

young rangers at work

Young Ranger sessions continue

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Fyling Hall’s Young Ranger sessions continue with the first session of 2020 taking place at Thorpe Green. Working with the North York Moors Park Authority, it was the turn of Year 8s to clear two local paths. This conservation task taught pupils about the foliage and bracken that they were clearing, how it came to be in the state it is in and how best to proceed for the future. The Young Ranger sessions really […]

Tim is learning a new language

A new foreign language

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All our EAL pupils at Fyling Hall are given the opportunity to learn a new foreign language whilst they are with us. Whilst many of our overseas pupils are here primarily to improve their level of English many pupils also join French or German lessons. Some may have already done some French but many are beginners. All of the pupils who come to French lessons mention how different our classes are to the lessons in […]

Looking forward to March

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It may seem odd to be looking forward to March already, since we’ve only just started the Spring term, but that is just what is happening in the music and drama departments. Peripatetic music teachers fill their lessons with comments about judging and dynamics, students rummage around trying to find the perfect monologue or poem and teachers wander around wondering whether class 355 or 356 is the best choice for the Year 10 class band. […]

Microcomputer Club goes Back to the Future

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You might ask, if computer programming is so important, shouldn’t a modern school equip its students to succeed in the modern world? So why have I kitted out my microcomputer club in the Physics lab with computers that were first released in 1980 and discontinued in 1984?  There is of course an assumption with technology that the very latest thing is the best and the thing from last week is out of date and useless. […]

A Day in the Life

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Ever wondered what a Day in the Life at Fyling Hall is like? Take a quick look at what a “normal” day at Fyling Hall looks like in virtual reality. Be sure to use the arrow to navigate and get a full 360 perspective. Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to have a virtual reality headset, take a look through these! To experience a full day at Fyling Hall School in virtual reality, check out […]

Ski Fun

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What ski fun Fyling Hall pupils had! Enjoying the early season snow, Ms Mitchell and Mr Parker accompanied our intrepid skiers to the revamped resort of Bardonecchia, which hosted the 2006 Olympics. Just a take a look at what they got up to!

Congratulations to Ebony!

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Congratulations to Ebony Brown for her fantastic achievement in the Rotary Club of Whitby & Districts‘ Young Photographer Competition. Ebony achieved 2nd place for her set of 3 photos and her firework photo got overall winner in her age category. A very impressive result! On Ebony’s set of 3 photos judges’ commented: Ebony’s set was an extremely close runner up, and it was a tough decision in the end. Each picture is technically excellent, pin […]

Tennis Coaching Returns

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Tennis coaching returns to Fyling Hall! Once again led by Jim Mellor, an LTA registered, Level 4 coach, the five-week course will start 11th January and will run until 8th February.  Wishing to give an opportunity to all local children regardless of ability, the coaching also fits in really well with our #PEwithaDifference initiative. As a guide red, orange and green ball pupils will come 10-11 (ie 10 and under) full ball 11-12 for the […]

Pupils say it best

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We often find that Fyling Hall’s international pupils say it best. Below is a piece of writing from an exam piece. Written by one of our short term English as a Second Language (ESL) students, we love not only how this pupil’s English as progressed, but also the sentiment. I’ve been on an English course.  It was an exchange with another student.  I went to England for two weeks, and he came to me for […]

Book Club discusses Good Omens

Good Omens

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In early December Fyling Hall’s Book Club met in Miss Milner’s room to discuss Good Omens. There were many different opinions on it. We discussed the book over fairy buns made by Olivia Hall. Here are some of the opinions on Good Omens from people. James: “It was skilfully written by its two authors even though they live so far apart.”Toby: “My favourite character was the dog.”Tomas: “Friendship overpowers evil.”  Damon: “It was a well thought […]

Meet our Librarians

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Meet our Librarians! Fyling Hall‘s Librarians will tidy shelves, ensuring books are in alphabetical order, stamp them, put protective covers on, suggest ideas to improve our Library or for new books to order etc. They each have a day allocated for their duty with Year 7 on a Monday, after lunch, to Year 10 on a Thursday.  Year 7 – Bethany Thompson & Mabel InstoneYear 8  – Olivia Hall & Phoebe AldousYear 9 – Damon Kelly & […]

Amazing Geography facts

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Rather than write about what we have been studying in Geography I thought I’d give you some amazing geography facts. All about this planet that we call home, you may have heard some of these before, but I doubt you’ve heard of all of them. Enjoy these amazing Geography facts! Continents shift at about the same rate as your fingernails grow. Ninety percent of the earth’s population lives in the northern hemisphere. California has more […]

A Salute to the Brassica oleracea

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During a season when families come together, the Brussels sprout can be a true divider! Why do we only eat them at Christmas? ask some; why do we eat them at all? (wail those who are less discerning). At a time when many of us will be faced with this innocuous vegetable, I decided it was time to find out why it is rather like Marmite, loved by some, hated by a seemingly endless throng. […]

Best Christmas Movies

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What are the best Christmas movies? Fyling Hall Film Club discussed and deliberated over many a Christmas film over the final weeks of term. We decided on ten popular films that are and are considered to be Christmas movies for the whole family. So, after your family Christmas festivities, wherever you are … Sit back and watch a film or two that we recommend, and you can decide which is the best Christmas movie! Merry […]