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Headmaster’s Blog 4

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31st March 2014
I’ve been a bad, bad blogger! Five months since the last one, and no real excuse that wouldn’t embarrass someone in Year 9 to deliver! So, with renewed determination, I’ll celebrate my last day as the ‘new’ headmaster of Fyling Hall with Blog 4 (I started work here in April last year).
Term ended last week, and the school is blissfully quiet, at least from my point of view – the bursar and his staff are incredibly busy. Fyling Hall terms always end with Final Assembly. This involves the presentation of certificates and awards, and then the whole school listening patiently as the headmaster drones on for a bit.

Blog 3

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25th October 2013 I hadn’t expected to get another blog in before half term, but I know that literally several of you are on the edge of your seats to know whether I’ve gained a more respectable number of followers on the Instagram thingy. More of that in a moment. First to a story that, as Mrs G puts it, has been good for my humility. By far the best idea to come out of […]

Blog 2

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9th October 2013 Term is well and truly under way now, with the end of week six looming, so time for another blog. I’m about to start terrifying the senior years by pointing out that a week after half term we’ll be over quarter of the way through the academic year in terms of school weeks. We have a new Charity Committee this term: a group of pupils from years 10 to 13 who are co-ordinating […]

Blog 1

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13th September  2013 The start of term assembly is a tricky one to pitch. It needs to set the tone for the year, encourage and inspire, but preferably not cause a multitude of inward groans that they’re facing a whole year of this bloke wittering on every Monday. Fortunately for me, inspiration struck from a slightly unexpected source, and I started off by showing the new O2 television advert. The campaign is called ‘be more […]