Calling all speakers!

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Calling all speakers!

Calling all speakers!  Are you an expert willing to help our students?  It’s likely that we will extend our virtual assembly programme into September, and we need your expert help.  As Mr. Instone, Fyling Hall’s Head of Enrichment, explains . . .

The Early Show has been a way for us to create a programme of personal development during this period of virtual learning.   Mr. Instone’s ‘chat show’ format has become our ‘virtual assembly’ until such a time we can all come together again. This approach has allowed us to offer enrichment in a light hearted, gentle way as well as giving insight into a vast array of unusual professions.

What you can offer? Once, again, we are calling all speakers!  Your expertise, your journey, your stories might help our students.  We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Jonathon Hardy says:

    Good morning. I was at Fyling Hall finishing in 2000. I was a Warfare Officer in the Royal Navy specialising in Air Traffic Control. As a civilian I worked at a large Control Center in charge of the airspace over London. My airports were Stansted and Gatwick. After that I worked for the civil aviation authority as an ATC incident investigator. I now work as an Arrivals specialist for Dubai airport. It is a career that few would think of And if you think I can help then please do get in touch.

  2. Paul Raisbeck says:

    Happy to see if there’s anything I can do to help/contribute. Background primarily Royal Navy and now working in coaching. Sure we can find something of interest/benefit!

    FHS 1971-1980

  3. Sharon West says:

    Hi i attended FHS in 1984 till 1990, when I left school Mrs Whites comments in final assembly were, Sharon would make a good mother, my G.C.S.E’s werent brilliant results, but i went on to having a brilliant career in BT for 12 years and now run my own Dog Day care, I am a dog trainer and behaviourist, so If you wanted me to talk or offer any advice I certainly can

  4. Chris Moses says:

    I would be happy to speak although I left under a bit of a cloud in 1988. I spent 23 yrs in the Army, travelled the world, served in multiple operational areas then left and I am now a director of a london based global risk management company providing security consultancy to some of the worlds leading brands.

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