Year 12 and 13 Curriculum

Fyling Hall offers flexible programmes of study, tailored to meet the individual needs of each pupil, something that larger institutions cannot always offer. We offer an academically rigorous teaching environment within a supportive family-like community, and work with students to select subject options to suit their requirements and allow them to realise their full potential. Alongside a comprehensive list of A-Levels and AS Levels, we offer vocational qualifications in Creative and Performing Arts. Rock School courses are equivalent to one A-Level and carry the same UCAS points. Most students study four subjects in year 12, but this can be adapted to five or three depending on the individual, their future university and career plans, and their abilities. Most year 12 students take AS exams, which give them the opportunity to gauge their level of understanding, and also provide results to include on their university applications. Most of our students take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

A Levels

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We offer some 16 subjects at AS level (year 12) most of which can be studied in the Upper Sixth (year 13) to A2 (A-level). Course content is prescribed by the Examination Boards and the options blocks are set after consultation with the students, to accommodate as many students’ subject choices as possible. Get in touch with our head of sixth form to talk about subject choices, we can offer valuable insights and personalised advice to assist you in finding the best fit.

A-level and AS level courses currently on offer:

  • Art and Design
    • Fine Art
    • Photography
    • Ceramics
  • Business Studies
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • English Literature
  • French
  • Geography
  • German
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Film Studies
  • Further Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Physical Education

Creative and Performing Arts Qualifications

We offer two qualifications in performing arts. The work is mainly practical and is module based, with students studying a broad range of different dramatic or musical styles, plays and theory.

Rock School courses (equivalent to one A-level) currently on offer:

  • Music Practitioner Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma
  • Creative and Performing Arts Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma (drama)

On entry to the Sixth Form students are allocated a personal tutor, who has a major responsibility for their academic progress, behaviour and personal well-being.

Extended Project Qualification

Most students at Fyling Hall School take the EPQ, which sits alongside their A-Levels and provides additional UCAS points. An EPQ develops research and study skills beyond existing A-Levels and is valued by highly valued by universities and employers.. Students lead their own projects on a subject of their choice for their EPQ. It can be based on their interests from within their existing study programme or from something personal and unrelated. 

  • Entry to the Sixth Form is open to those who have the desire to further their education and who have good GCSE passes. We routinely ask for at least a grade 5 at GCSE in the subject, but this is not absolute and there are exceptions.
  • Most of our students study four subjects at AS but, depending on the abilities or career plans of the individual student, three or five subjects might be more appropriate.
  • The previous study of a subject is not always essential to be admitted into the AS course.
  • AS courses are normally completed at the end of Year 12 and students are then ready to finalise choices for Year 13 A2 (A-level) courses.
  • Students with good AS passes are encouraged to study A2 level in 3 subjects, though individual students may elect to study more subjects or fewer.
  • The timetable is only constructed after students finalise their options to accommodate the preferences of as many as possible.
  • Specialist support with University applications is provided. Including weekly timetabled lessons. Most upper Sixth Formers (year 13) gain places at their first choice universities.
  • Careers guidance, is available from the school Careers Officer and regular career talks with outside speakers are arranged. 
  • Students can access after-school study groups which have a significant role in providing students with key exam techniques and practice.
  • Students take on roles of responsibility such as chairing school and food councils, charity fundraising, mentoring for younger students, organising the final end of term events.  
  • In order to become well-rounded individuals and be able to adapt to a changing world, students take part in a diverse enrichment programme.
  • Many students choose to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh awards.

“School in the Sixth form is different to the younger years. You are only studying the subjects you want.” – Current year 12 student

“It is easy to get extra support from the teachers. If you fall behind they will help you.” – Current year 13 student

“I find the small class sizes are really helpful.” – Current year 12 student

UCAS Information

Students are offered:

  1. One to one guidance on completing the UCAS application form 
  2. Guest speakers offering an insight into university life and the UCAS application procedure. 
  3. Careers advice and choosing the correct course at university 
  4. Advice and guidance on completing the ‘personal statement’ 
  5. The opportunity to visit university fairs and open days. 
  6. Guidance on gaining work experience during the summer term / summer holiday.