Academic Awards

Academic Awards for the week commencing 4th of February

Academic Awards for week commencing 14th of January

How do pupils achieve an Academic Award?

As the name suggests Academic Awards are based on academic performance.  There are a number of reasons a pupil maybe awarded an Academic Award, these may include:

  • Consistent improvement in a particular area of study
  • Receiving multiple academically based commendations
  • A one grade (or more) improvement in your reported attainment grade.
  • Maintaining an average of 1.9 in your termly effort grades
  • A particularly impressive piece of work which is the summative assessment of smaller tasks over a period of time.

All Academic Awards will be acknowledged with a postcard sent to parents and the pupil name being read out during the Headmaster’s assembly. The pupil with the most Academic Awards at the end of the year will be awarded the Alex Greg Memorial award, which includes a significant monetary prize.

Previous awards

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