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Political Debates in Assembly

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In light of this week’s general election, we have had a series of assemblies tightly themed around politics. Although the majority of the school is not yet old enough to vote, the extent of student’s knowledge was surprising and continued to expand throughout the week. Due to the busy GCSE exam schedule, the Barn was […]

Heinrich Hertz’s Experiment Explored

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In the middle of A level Physics revision, students thought it would be a good idea to test Heinrich Hertz’s experiment to scientifically verify James Clerk Maxwell’s predictions on electromagnetism. They built a spark gap transmitter and a crystal radio set to receive the radio pulse. It worked.    

Bird Watching at Bempton for Y8

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On Wednesday 7th June, the year 8s enjoyed a Geography field trip to Bempton and Flamborough. Bempton is the largest seabird colony on the mainland and as such, has a wide variety of interesting birds to see. These include Gannets, Fulmars, Kittiwakes and, of course, Puffins, so noticeable with their orange feet and a firm […]

Crucial Crew 2017

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Year 6 pupils recently attended the annual ‘Crucial Crew’ event at the Army Reserve Centre in Scarborough. Crucial Crew is a multi-agency event and during their visit the children took part in a carousel of workshops covering different aspects of personal safety, such as road safety, safety on the beach and what to do in […]

Y10 Physics and Ski Jumps

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The new specification science GCSEs no longer have a coursework assessed practical, but they do have a component of the exam that demands the students have carried out their own experiments. We take practical work seriously at Fyling Hall and this week year 10 carried out a detailed investigation into the physics of a ski […]

Read All About It…!

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Click onto the link to read our latest edition of “Fyling Hall Matters”. You can find an archive of all the previous editions by clicking the “Newsletters” link on the task bar. 24 Newsletter 12th May 2017