Latest Music Exam Results

The following pupils were all successful in their music examinations at the end of the summer term. Particular mention must be made of Year 7 pupil Calli Walsh who, having never taken a singing exam before, gained the highest Distinction mark the school has ever seen – dropping only 6 marks in the whole of her grade 3 exam! Fantastic result!


Calli Walsh           Grade 3       Singing       Distinction

Nuria Escoda        Grade 5       Singing       Merit

James Brine          Grade 1       Piano          Pass

Ali El Hawary       Grade 3       Singing       Merit

Ola El Hawary      Grade 4       Singing       Merit

Annabel Head       Grade 5       Flute           Merit

Ruby Wormald     Grade 5       Alto Sax      Merit




Ewan Wormald     Grade 3       Trombone    Merit

Toby Richardson   Grade 3       Piano          Merit

Tomas RichardsonGrade 3       Piano          Merit



Gracie Boocock     Grade 2       Singing       Merit

Helena Graham     Grade 6       Singing       Distinction